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Client Experiences

“Sara is a person who approaches connection with whole heartedness. Her presence and ability to see all of who you are is deeply healing. I am always in awe at how well she understands who I am. She's an exceptional woman and an amazing healer.”

Shanti Huntington

“Sara's gentle and intuitive approach to healing is such a blessing! She truly cares, which makes it easy to feel safe around her (especially when it comes to talking about difficult topics), and her insight is a wonderful catalyst for personal growth. She is supportive, wise, kind, positive and a true healer.”

Jesika Knowles

“I met Sara in Bali after we took a yoga class together. We both decided to get a smoothie afterwards at the in-studio restaurant and as I wanted to not be alone, I asked to sit with her. I proceeded to spill my guts to her! I didn't know her profession. I just knew that she was very easy to talk to, and she seemed to genuinely care. Since meeting her, my life has been exponentially better. She has great insight and helps me look at things from a different perspective. I am grateful that I met her. She has become more than my therapist. She is my friend, confidant, and cheerleader. She's really awesome and I absolutely recommend her services.”

Nichelle, W.

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